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2760 - Austrian
c. 1895-1910
H: 6" x D: 3.5";
Metric system: H: 15 cm. x D: 8.75 cm.
Signature: Unsigned as is usual
Condition: Good, One minor manufacturer imperfection underneath vase

Description: Here is a great Art Nouveau Secessionist green glass vase with copper overlay and 3 Shamrocks decoration made in Austria. 9 abstract McIntosch style copper overlay Roses adorn the vase by rim. The vase was finished with acid fumes to render texture of vase uneven and hand painted in green in some area as a finish to produce more contrast.

2752 - Schneider
c. 1924-1927
H: 6" x D: 4.25";
Metric system: H: 15 cm. x D: 10.5 cm.
Condition: Excellent
Price: $775.00

Description: Here is an Art Deco mini ewer with internal enamel "Jade" decoration and applied purple amethyst handle made by the Schneider Company. Orange, yellow, white and specks of green enamels are ensnared between two layers of glass. The purple amethyst handle was applied while the vessel was still hot.

2714 - Schneider, Le Verre Francais
c. 1927-1928
H: 17.75" x D: 5.5";
Metric system: H: 44.5 cm. x D: 13.75 cm.
"Le Verre Francais, Charder"
Condition: Excellent

Description: Here is a large Art Deco footed cameo vase of the series "Datura" made by the Schneider Company under its Le Verre Francais trade name. Red and purple semi abstract cameo "Datura" flowers and leaves stand against an internal background of pink, yellow and orange. It would be hard to find a better shape and better colors for this decor.

2720 - Schneider
c. 1924-1927
H: 8.25" x D: 6";
Metric system: H: 20.50 cm. x D: 15 cm.
Signature: "Schneider, France"
Condition: Excellent

Description: This is an Art Deco 3 colors "Jade" glass vase made by the Schneider Company. Yellow enamels were overlaid by orange reddish ones, which in turn were overlaid by rim with purple amethyst colors. The whole was then encased between two layers of thick glass. A simple decor with very bright contrasting colors sure to brighten one's day.

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