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2748- Tulla for Ditmar Urbach, Czechoslovakia
c. 1920's
H: 6.5" x W: 5" x d: 6.75", Metric System: H: 16.5cm. x L: 12.5cm. x l: 17cm.

Signature: "Tulla, Czechoslovakia, Hand-painted, 10844"
Condition: Excellent
Art Deco Honeycomb pattern chamber candlestick with central abstract hand painted geometric flower. Colors are orange, green, blue and yellow. Unusual to find a chamber stick in this pattern.

2728- Charles Catteau for Boch Freres
c. 1927
H: 6.25" x W: 6" (x 4); Metric system: H: 16 cm. x D: 15 cm. (x4)

Signature: "Drawing of wolf with Boch Freres, Keramis, Made in Belgium, Ch Catteau, D1132N, 1026"
Condition: Excellent

Rare Art Deco 8 sided stepped vase complete with original detached frog. Mat enamel décor of abstract flowers in white, green and brown in 4 friezes separated by 4 black panels. Alternate of black and gold colored panels on steps and same for frog. It is quite rare to encounter the vases now with their original frog as most of the time the frog ended up broken since they are so fragile. One can see this example without frog on page 341of the book encyclopedia titled "Charles Catteau, Art Deco Ceramics Made in Belgium".

2765- Ditmar Urbach, Design by Tulla
c. 1920's
H: 4" x W: 6.25" x D: 4"; Metric system: H: 10 cm. x L: 15.25 cm. x l: 10 cm.

Signature: "Czechoslovakia, Hand-Painted, Tulla, H"
Condition: Excellent, some very minor rub to blue color on box by lid.
Czech Art Deco lidded box with "Honeycomb" pattern designed by Tulla and made by Ditmar Urbach. A central hand-painted abstract flower on two sides stand against a honeycomb background. Colors are orange, green, blue, black and yellow. 

2508- Mougin Freres, Design by Conde
c. 1920's
H: 8.5" x D: 8.5"; Metric system: H: 21.5 cm. x D: 21.5 cm.

Signature: "Mougin Nancy, 1885, Conde dc"
Condition: Excellent.
Price: $1,250.00

Scarce Art Deco "Entrelacs" round ball vase with marble like pattern designed by Conde for the Mougin Freres Company. 3 interlacing lines make up most of the pattern above a few straight lines and a marbled pattern by bottom of vase. A simple geometric pattern but very well executed and quite showy. This piece will not disappoint even the most discriminating collector as it is simply splendid.

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