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References on Schneider, Le Verre Francais

The following mentioned books, all have either a section specifically dedicated on the Schneider Company, a mention of the Company's name with some detailed information and/or at least pictures of examples of Schneider art glass. Most of them do have a special category for Schneider/Le Verre Francais art glass. Even though we were very thorough in our research, we may not have listed all of the books, so please let us know if we have forgotten a book. This page will be updated as we find more references.

We strongly recommend that anybody with the slightest interest in Charles Schneider's art glass read some of these books. Schneider pieces are not inexpensive but keep their value. On the other hand, if one is not well informed and buys a reproduction or fake, the mistake is generally quite costly and the piece close to worthless at the time of resale. We unfortunately see it almost every week on the road and web sites such as Ebay. Please, study your passion well, before any purchases and buy from reputable sources.

Books on general antiques:

Collecting Art deco
written by Tony Fusco in 2004

Combien ca cote: Les Luminaires
Argus Valentines, 2004

Wat is art nouveau en art deco waard
written by Rob Zeegers, Janny Stuurman-Aalbers & Reinold Stuurman in 2002

- Jugendstil und Art Deco
written by Giorgio Silzer in 1997

- Art Deco, second edition
written by Tony Fusco in 1993

- Art Deco
written by Alastair Duncan in 1991

- Collecting Art Deco
written by Kevin McConnell in 1990

- Art Deco, first Edition
written by Tony Fusco in 1988

- Art Deco, a guide for collectors
written by Katharine Morrison McClinton in 1986

- Art Nouveau and Art Deco lamps and candlesticks
written by Wolf Uecker in 1986

- Art Deco
written by Victor Arwas in 1980

- Art Nouveau and Art Deco lighting
written by Allastair Duncan in 1978

- The Decorative Twenties
written by Martin Battersby in 1969 and re-published in 1975
(interesting note on this book: The writer describe in details what he calls "Le Verre de France", see if you guess what this chapter is about.)

- Art Deco
written for an exhibition by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in 1971

Books/exhibition catalogs specifically on glass:

Le Verre Art & Design XIXe-XXIe Siecles Encyclopedia (2 Volumes)
written by Yves Delabordes in 2011

l' Art Verrier 1900, Art Nouveau et Art Deco Collection Privees
written by Philippe Olland in 2007

Verrerie, de l'antiquitee a nos jours
written by Jean-Alain Labat in 2004

Combien ca cote: Le Verre 1900-1930
Argus Valentine, 2004

- Le Genie verrier de l'Europe
written by Giuseppe and Cappa in 1998

1978 - 1998, 20 ans d"expositions au Louvre des Antiquaires
Les Editions Du Mecene, Paris 1998  

- Glasmarken Lexykon, Signatures
written by Carolus Hartman in 1997

- The art of glass, Art Nouveau to Art Deco
written by Victor Arwas in 1996

- Glaskunst, reflex der jahrhunderte
written by Helmut Rick in 1995

- Glass, historisnus Jugendstil zwanziger jahre
Written by the Museum Bellerive of Zurich in 1995

- Glas der moderne, 1880-1930
written by the Kunstgewerbe Museum of Berlin in 1994

- L'Arte del vetro
written for an exhibition on glass in Rome in 1992

Glas, Jugendstil und Art Deco
Exhibition catalog written by Helmut Ricke in 1991
for a traveling exhibition held in Japan from 9/30/1991 through May 31, 1992

- L'Europe de l'art verrier
written by Guiseppe and Cappa in 1991

- Keramik, Glass
written by the Museum fur Angewandte Kunst of Cologne in 1991

- Jugendstil
written by Wolfgang for the Landesmuseum of Mainz in 1990

- Les Pates de Verre
written by Edith Mannoni (around 1990)

- Glass Art Nouveau to Art Deco
written by Victor Arwas in 1987

- Transparences, l'art du verre en France de 1914 a 1960
written for the Museum des Beaux Arts of Orleans in 1987

- Le Verre en France, d'Emile Galle a nos jours
written by Janine Bloch-Dermant in 1986

- Glass, signatures-trademarks-tradenames
written by Anne Geffken Pullin in 1986

Glass in Miami, May-June 1984
written by the Bass Museum of Miami Beach for Intercon Arts Inc. in 1984

- Glas des 20. Jahrhunderts, Jugendstil-Art Deco
written by Gustav E. Pazaurek & Walter Spiegel in 1983

- Arti Decorative, 1895-1930
written by Gianni Cavazzini, Ingino Consigli and Roberto Tassi
for the Emiliana Parma bank in November 1983

- Glas von Jugendstil bis heute
written by Gertrud & Dr. Karl Funke-Kaiser in 1981

- Carved & decorated European art glass
written by Ray and Lee Grover in 1970

- French Cameo Glass
written by Bernice and Henry Blount in 1968

Books/exhibition catalogs specifically dedicated to Schneider:

Schneider, Les Enfants d'une Oeuvre
written by Barlach Heuer, Laurence Serre and Jean-Pierre Serre in 2012
(exhibition catalog)

- Charles Schneider, Le Verre Francais, Schneider
written by Marie Christine Joulin and Gerold Maier in 2004

- Schneider, une verrerie au XX eme. siecle
written by the Musee des Beaux Arts of Nancy in 2003 (exhibition catalog)

- Charles Schneider maitre verrier
written by Michel Camboulives in 1998 (exhibition catalog)

- Schneider maitre verrier
written by Gerard Bertrand in 1995

- Schneider
written by Edith Mannoni in 1993

- Charles Schneider
written by Jacques Jannison in 1993 (exhibition catalog)

- Charles Schneider, Charder-Le Verre Francais
written by Christiane Waldrich in 1987 (exhibition catalog)

- Charles Schneider maitre verrier
written for the Louvre des Antiquaires in 1984 (exhibition catalog)

- Les Schneider maitres-verriers
written by Jacques De Vos in 1982 (exhibition catalog)

- Schneider France, glass des Art Deco
written by Helmut Ricke in 1981-1982 (exhibition catalog)

Articles in magazines:

The sparkle of Schneider art deco glass
written in Antiques and Collecting Magazine, February 2011

Charles Schneider: Art Deco Glass Genius
Written by Thomas Karman and edited by Angela Bowey
(not sure of when it was written as they did not indicate dates but is after 2005)

- Art Deco with ease
written in Florida Design, Volume 15, N. 3, 2005

- Art Deco Glas: Schneider
written by Claudia Over in Trodler & Sammler Journal, September 2002

- La Verrerie Schneider
written by Isabelle Malmenaide in France Antiquitees, December 2001

- Splendor in the glass: Discovering Le Verre Francais, by Thomas C. Karman
written in "The Modernism", Summer 2000

- A symphony in glass: The legacy of Charles Schneider, by Thomas C. Karman
written in "Echoes", Summer 1999

- A Riot of colors: The art glass of Charles Schneider, by Thomas C. Karman
written in "Glass Collector's Digest", April-May 1993

- Art Deco Glas: Verreries Schneider
written in Trodler & magazin Sammeln, Nr. 158 January 1993

- Deco Dreams, by Laura Cerwinsky
written in "Art and Antiques", January 1993

- Antiques: Art Deco glass, by Anne Bermann
written in "Architectural Digest", July 1991

- Farbempfinden: Glaser der Art Deco
written in Sammler Journal, Nr. 6 June 1988

- Charles Schneider: Master of Art Deco glass, by Laura Cerwinsky
written in "Southern Accents", January-February 1987

- Charles Schneider: French Art Deco glass master, by Rick Emmett
written in "The Jockey Club", May-June 1985

- Letter from Paris: Glass, by Monique Riquor
written in "Antiques", August 1984

- Charles Schneider, Maitre verrier
written in L'Estampille, June 1984

- Schneider: Verrier redecouvert
written in "Connaissances des Arts", November 1982

- Chales Schneider, Maitre verrier
written in L'Estampille, November 1982

- Les Schneider Maitres-Verriers
written in "Revue ABC", November 1982

- Schneider Art Deco glass, by Erne & Florence Fruh
written in "Antiques Journal", February 1977

- Daum and related producers of Art Deco glass, by Katharine McClinton
written in "Spinning Wheel", June 1974

- Schneider art glass, by John W. Graves
written in "Spinning Wheel", October 1967

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